Founded in 1738, San José became the capital in 1823 and is the largest city in Costa Rica. San José lies 1,161 meters (3809') above sea level in The Central Valley. Year round the climate is mild with an average temperature of 23C (73F) and annual precipitation of 1800 mm (70"), mostly falling afternoons during the rainy season from May to November.

While neither a Colonial nor especially pretty city architecturally, San José has excellent Museums, Parks and Restaurants, the local people are warm and accommodating and San José is an excellent home base for exploring The Central Valley. San Josés hustle and bustle has its own appeal and a few days in San José are well spent.

The city is small and in about an hour and a half you can take our walking tour and see most of the sights San José has to offer. Time permitting you should visit some of the fine museums, such as the National Museum/Museo Nacional, the Gold Museum/Museo de Oro, and the Children’s Museum and have lunch in Mercado Central or just sit and relax in one of the cities parks.